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Who We Are A little about us

Pune Global School & Junior College of Science and Commerce has been successfully running for about 30 years in Pune, committed to the development of the lifelong skills of critical thinking and problem solving. A wide range of extracurricular activities complements the academic program and provides opportunities for creativity, self-expression, leadership, and collaboration.

 These experiences foster social skills, sportsmanship, a sense of responsibility, independence, and self-confidence. The School promotes in each student a respect for her own unique abilities and a commitment to responsible living in a changing world. Pune Global School welcomes diversity and draws upon it to foster cultural sensitivity, religious understanding, and a global perspective.


Our Commitment

Mission Statement

At Pune Global School our mission is to provide a joyful  learning environment that empowers children to reach their educational and personal potential while nurturing their self confidence and self esteem.


Pune Global School



Vision Statement

All staff of Pune Global School will collaborate to prepare learners to be productive, creative and ethical individuals empowered by quality education in order to contribute to local and global societies.